About Us

Vidya Kaushal is a first of its kind platform developed to enable any Indian individual to apply for financial assistance / loan to pursue Skill development training courses. The unique skill platform aims to provide truly seamless access to skill loan funding aligned with the national vision of developing a skilled India, creating greater employment opportunities and employable skills.

Why Vidya Kaushal?

India, today is in a unique position with more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 providing the nation with a great opportunity to create a highly skilled workforce.

However, with the advent of newer technologies, the job market is getting more competitive and students are finding it difficult to get hold of the right job. Alternatively, globalisation and competition have intensified the need for highly skilled workforce especially in a developing country like India. So, students are vying for skilled focused courses to enhance their competencies. In recent years, the Government has also kept a sharp focus on Youth Skill Development and has launched many skill development schemes and programs. Skill financing plays an extremely important role in this scenario, as it provides simplified access to funding for students who aspire to pursue Skill development courses. Thus, Vidya Kaushal platform provides this option for availing a loan to cover the cost of the program.

Vidya Kaushal Platform provides the following broad features for various stakeholders

For Individuals:

  • Access to wide range of skill loan financing options
  • Access to wider range of courses & centres
  • Easier way to select Training Centre as per their needs
  • Help in decision making in choosing a career path
  • Online status tracking of application
  • Online grievance management system

For Training Partners & Centres:

  • Enabling better conversion of candidate
  • Better mobilization of candidates
  • Will provide pan India visibility
  • Will increase access to fee based enrollments
  • Better methods and tools for assessment of a student
  • Better monitoring and control on candidate application

For Financial Institutions:

  • Platform provides leads of authenticated loan applicant profiles
  • Opportunity to contribute to skill India mission.
  • Availability of verified/authenticated data
  • High level dashboard
  • Segregation of applications can be customized (based on TP/TC/course etc.)

This platform is an initiative of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the same is powered and maintained by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov).